.100% raw unrefined shea butter..Straight from nature to you..High in olein. Excellent for dry skin!Please note.This shea butter is 100% raw and unrefined. It comes in a plastic bag and not in a jar.You can however transfer this shea butter into your own jar.This is a very soft shea butter from East Africa,unlike west African shea butters which are normally hard with a nutty smell,this Nilotic shea butter is very soft and almost smells more fragrant than it’s west african counterpart..High in vitamin E and A.Excellent for anti aging.Excellent for dry skin.Excellent for baby skin.Contains nothing other than itself(shea butter)

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Pehmeä, 100%:n karitevoi. Itä-afrikkalainen, shea nilotica karitevoi. 250g:n pussi.

Soft, 100% Shea butter. East African, Shea Nilotica Shea butter. 250g bag.

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