Witch Hazel/Taikapähkinä


Witch Hazel is a great skin toner,it’s great for soothing,great for healing eye bags and puffiness.

How to use it:
Spray whitch hazel water on a cotton cloth and gently use it to clean under eye,you can also use witch hazel as a face toner,by spraying it over your face.
Make sure it doesn’t go into your eyes.

Distilled from the extracts of the witch hazel shrub(hamamelis virginiana).
No chemicals,no parebens,synthetics,no plastics,no more than just the pure ingredients.


Kasvovesi, joka kosteuttaa ja virkistää kasvojen ihoa ja vähentää ihon turvotusta. Varottava tuotteen joutumista silmiin- saattaa ärsyttää silmiä. 100ml.

Face water, that moisturizes and tones the face and reduces the swelling of the skin. Don´t spray into your eyes- may irritate eyes. 100ml.

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Weight 100 kg


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