Our philosophy

The Natural Beauty Shop is built around the belief, that using organic or all natural beauty care can have a great impact on a person’s health, lifestyle and the environment.

The Natural Beauty Shop also believes, that people can achieve youthful beautiful skin and excellent general body health if they use the right natural care beauty products. It’s a known fact that 64% of anything that you put onto the skin gets absorbed into the body. It’s for this reason, that the Natural Beauty Shop is stocking all natural and organic beauty care products to help consumers achieve good health and beauty, without any adverse side effects or health risks.

The Natural Beauty Shop is located on Hämeentie 17 A 00500, Helsinki. At the Natural Beauty Shop, Finland, we aim to serve consumers with excellent quality organic and/or natural beauty care products at affordable prices.

Your one stop for excellent organic beauty care brands! What ever your skincare and hair care needs are, you can find the highest quality and widest range of organic care products right here at The Natural Beauty Shop, Finland! We will offer you beauty tools, to help bring out the natural beauty with in you. We stock excellent organic shampoos, organic conditioners, natural lipsticks, natural nail vanishes, natural organic deodorants, organic baby care products, organic body lotions and moisturizers and many more!

Here are some of the organic beauty brands that we have in stock:

  • Shea Moisture Beauty Brand
    Nubian Heritage Beauty Brand
    Karen’s Body Beautiful Works
    Eden’s Body Works Beauty Brand
    Honey Bee Gardens Beauty Brand
    Plain Jane Beauty Brand
    Greenscape Organics
    I+M Kosimetik
    Ellovi Butters Beauty Brand
    Raw unrefined shea butter
    Many pure body oils and many many others
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